Our Business

TospinoMall is a prominent e-commerce platform in Ghana, established in 2018. The company has experienced rapid growth after the launch of TospinoMall. TospinoMall’s participation in the Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce trading expo was notably successful. The platform is well-regarded for its association with numerous esteemed international and local brands, as well as entrepreneurs. A renowned web analytics company has ranked TospinoMall as the 3rd most popular e-commerce app in Ghana 2023, based on the number of downloads and users on the Google Play Store.

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Serving Consumers

TospinoMall is the best online shopping platform in Ghana. It is more than just an online marketplace. You will find everything from your favorite fashion items to essential electronics and daily essentials here. It is a platform where you get all the products you need in one place. With a single click, you will get your products at your door. We always strive to create new experiences for our customers. TospinoMall is always working towards an easy and safe online shopping experience for all people in Ghana.

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Empowering Businesses

We are always empowering Ghana's small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and Ghana's e-commerce growth. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and local companies accompany TospinoMall, significantly contributing to the advancement of e-commerce in Ghana. We build an easy and secure platform for all local businesses and entrepreneurs in Ghana where everyone can easily run and manage their business online.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple but significant. We are working to improve lives via fantastic shopping experiences. We are a community-driven platform that connects customers with high-quality products, trustworthy sellers, and creative solutions. From daily needs to exclusive finds, we strive to make shopping simple, enjoyable, and satisfying. With a focus on customer satisfaction and empowerment, we aim to build trust and develop long-term partnerships

Our Mission

We want to exploit the opportunities that exist to improve the quality of life of the people of Ghana through the use of technology. TospinoMall is working to empower Ghanaian small business people or entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and reach their customers easily through technology. TospinoMall is established to create a safe, easy, one-stop online shopping platform for business people, entrepreneurs, and general consumers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take TospinoMall higher by exceeding customer expectations. Revolutionizing online shopping in Ghana by providing a seamless and easy experience. Building a reliable platform for all retail and wholesale traders in Ghana, including consumers, through TospinoMall's vast supply chain and manufacturing.

Our Supplier

TospinoMall Logistics

TospinoMall Logistics is the best e-commerce fulfillment and express delivery system in Ghana. It is known as Tospino Express in Ghana, providing fast and secure delivery anywhere in Ghana. “Tospino Express” is always best for the quickest and safest delivery. Any local entrepreneur or small business in Ghana can easily join us. Through Tospino Express, they can deliver their product to the customer in the fastest and safest way.

TospinoMall Logistics
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